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Join Us in Higher Education

河北快3投注网站You might wonder what it is like to work here. While there are as many answers as there are workers — — often you hear people say that they choose UC Davis because they can work with “really bright, fun people” who share an ideal.

河北快3投注网站This common goal of wanting to help students, provide superior health care and improve the world has created an interdisciplinary and diverse community. We embrace the challenge of addressing the greatest issues of our time while growing personally and professionally.

Many employee benefits

UC Davis offers many , ranging from health and life insurance to pensions and retirement savings. A central human resources organization supports UC Davis employees, offering subject matter experts on the and campuses and online resources for each.

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UC Davis handles recruitment, appointments, promotions and retention for our faculty. The unit also administers a for new faculty members.

UC Davis FrontDoor

河北快3投注网站Check out the site to learn more about local communities, resources and the university. On the site is a that shows how the value of a UC Davis job goes far beyond your salary.

河北快3投注网站Employees also point to the intangible benefits of working at UC Davis. We work surrounded by inspiring beauty — walking in redwood groves and through flowering hospital grounds during lunch hours; and strolling ocean bluffs and lake shores after work.

Students, faculty and staff also infuse one another with enthusiasm and new ideas. Many say this is a major “feel-good” benefit at UC Davis.

Enhancing staff careers

Staff members can keep on top of their professions with the help of on the Davis campus and on the Sacramento campus. The departments offer courses, programs and certificate series.?

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河北快3投注网站You can also access cross-training, mentoring, confidential career counseling, a resource library, online toolkits and management consultation through these two programs.

looks out for staff welfare and connects employees to discounts, scholarships and other benefits. It also hosts the annual not-to-be-missed at each campus.

The entertainment dividend

You’ll always be entertained, not to mention uplifted and enlightened, at UC Davis.

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Working here means you can attend free concerts, a farmers market and public talks by world-renowned medical authorities at UC Davis Health in Sacramento. On the Davis campus, you can drop in on events, take your kids to the , attend the Davis campus open house on , or cheer at . And, of course, the campus hosts multitudes of academic guest speakers with international credentials.

河北快3投注网站In addition, employees can get discounts to see popular entertainers and speakers at the .